Katherine can currently be found performing in the ONLY LIVE THEATRE SHOW IN NYC - VOYEUR: The Windows of Toulouse Lautrec with Bated Breath Theatre Company. 

Beginning March 19, Katherine will be taking on the role of Yves, the finale Can-Can Dancer in the production. 

Katherine has been with the show since September 2020, performing as a Guide as well as the Female Swing for the production. Since November, Katherine has also served as the Rehearsal Director and Dance Captain with the Production. 

VOYEUR: THE WINDOWS OF TOULOUSE-LAUTREC invites you to peer through the windows of old Paris, where unexpected moments of art, beauty, and seduction await you during this pandemic-friendly theatrical walking tour inspired by Bated Breath Theatre’s long-running immersive hit Unmaking Toulouse-Lautrec (named one of the “best immersive plays and interactive theatrical experiences” by Time Out.)

In this open air, intimate theatrical experience, you and seven other masked audience members will be guided through the dreams of iconic artist Toulouse-Lautrec as he recalls his final absinthe-laced years living and working in Montmartre.

The sidewalks, doorways and windows of Greenwich Village become the setting as live accompaniment collides with the city’s soundscape, transporting you into the bohemian world of 1899 Paris.